i dreamed that there was a war going on. the rules of the magic was weird. and one country was on the verge of being taken over.

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i dreamed that i was one of the people abducted by aliens or something. we were taken to a ship set on a secret island facility. and we had to entertain said aliens along the way.

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i dreamed that i was going to get married. in Japan.  where i met my top ten favorite seiyuu. because FukuJun suddenly became my friend.

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Finley Jayne knows she’s not ‘normal’. Normal girls don’t lose time, or have something inside them that makes them capable of remarkably violent things. Her behavior has already cost her one job, so when she’s offered the lofty position of companion to Phoebe, a debutante recently engaged to Lord Vincent, she accepts, despite having no experience. Lord Vincent is a man of science with his automatons and inventions, but Finley is suspicious of his motives where Phoebe is concerned. She will do anything to protect her new friend, but what she discovers is even more monstrous than anything she could have imagined…


Just read this book by Kady Cross.  Apparently, this is  a prequel to her book, The Girl in the Steel Corset.  And, wow. This is good~! 

The story is set in a steampunk world.  And, honestly, I don’t really know anything about steampunk.  All I know that it’s really cool.  I’ve seen cosplayers and I just loooooove~ the clothes~ [heh, well, I am a girl, afterall~ XD]  That being said, the writer made things easy to understand what kind of world it is and it was also easy for me to get interested in that kind of world.  Well, maybe not too deeply, but highly interested, nonetheless.

Anyway, I just love Finley.  She isn’t like the typical kind of girl I usually come across while reading books under the young adult genre.  She’s strong in the way that she doesn’t think the way the others around her does, the way that most people in that world does.  However, one could also see the struggle she has.  The fact that there’s something wrong, something not normal about her, that she tries to keep hidden from the people around her and the fact that deep inside she is insecure.  It was really heart-warming for me when Phoebe accepted her for even after the fact that she told Phoebe about herself.

The book’s a really good read.  And it really makes me looking forward to reading the next one, The Girl in Steel Corset. [which I will do after finishing this… lol XD] The story’s really interesting and I really want to know about Finley’s next adventure.  That, and I seem to have fallen for Finley. 

Oh, and this is the next book’s trailer.  I found it on youtube.  lol Okay then, will read the next book now~ XD

Oooookay. New anime.  There are a lot of them.  But~ only a few that caught my interest.


1. Kimi ni Todoke Season 2

Yup.  I am ever much a fun of Kimi ni Todoke.  Yes.  It’s shoujo.  I don’t do much of shoujo unless it’s more of a shounen ai variety or if it’s bearable.  But, like Skip Beat!, Kimi ni Todoke just captured my heart~♥! X3  I fell in love with the manga as soon as I started reading and I just can’t get enough of it.  Unlike all other shoujo manga I’ve read so far, it doesn’t leave me with a frustrated feeling.  It’s just soooo~ easy to read and it’s soooo~ easy to fall in love with the characters.  The first season ended with the New Year chapter and the manga has come a long~ way~.  But I still wanna watch the anime even though I know what’s gonna happen.  That’s how addicted I am to this manga/anime.  lawl  Well, there’s only a few episodes out.  I’m gonna wait a few more weeks so I can watch episodes and not feel frustrated while waiting for another.




2. Gosick

At first, I wasn’t interested in watching this anime.  But then I remembered.  There’s a manga of this one that was adapted from a light novel.  And the manga was just sooooo~ interesting.  It’s about a male Japanese exchange student who meets a girl in a library.  The manga’s interesting and has mystery written all over it.  Too bad only a few chapters have been scanlated.  I watched the first episode and I was surprised that it was somehow different from the manga.  Hmm….. oh well.  This one is definitely going to be a fave~

[Oh, I’ve been thinking a whole lot what on earth ‘Gosick’ means.  I’ve been thinking about it over and over and over and over and over again.  And I finally had a lightbulb moment.  Then I realized that, all along, there’s been katakana readings all over the place.  ugh… I can’t believe I’m so stupid.  ]


3. Fractale

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this one.  The summary I saw wasn’t a bit interesting.  So I downloaded an episode on a whim.  And, wow.  I was surprised.  The premise of the story is quite interesting.  It’s set in he future when people have doppleganger-thingies that could take a place of a person even if that person is far away.  The main character lives alone with doppels of his parents.  How cool is that~?  So, anyway, the people are living in a somewhat Utopia-kind of place.  There’s no war or anything.  People don’t need to work because basic needs are provided and everyone receives an equal and basic income.  But, a terminal is embedded inside a person.  And, apparently, at the end of the day, they’re required to pray or something.  It’s weird, though.  Since it seems like the Fractale system is reading their minds.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I’m just being creepy here.  *laughs*  Anyway, this anime seems to have some promise.

Oh, and on another note, I’m liking Fractale’s opening them. XD


4. Level E

Oh wow.  This is going to have an anime?  *laughs*  It’s been years since I’ve read the manga.  *laughs*  For those who don’t know, Level E has the same mangaka has Yu Yu Hakusho.  Anyway, it has a bit of a sci-fi theme going on.  When I first encountered the manga, I was a bit hesitant since it didn’t seem like the kind of manga I read [that time, I was such a kid and was falling in love with Inuyasha and Fushigi Yuugi. Now, I don’t think I can stand those manga anymore~ *laughs*]  It’s been a while since I’ve read the manga so I think I’m going to dig up some of my older CDs and files so I can reread it. *laughs*  So far, the anime’s interesting.  I’m sooo~ looking forward for the upcoming episodes~.


5. Starry Sky

Wow.  When I first read about this anime… I was excited.  It’s a male harem for crying out loud!  Harem and seemingly-Harem anime seem to dominate.  [Ah, but for the past few seasons there’s been harem anime out. read: Hakuoki lawl]  So, anime, I was excited about this one.  I mean, just give me bishies and I’d be happy.  *laughs*  The first episode was interesting.  But the second one was a bit…. *sigh*  For the meantime, I’ve stopped at episode two.  I’d wait for a few more eps [maybe until episode 7 or 8 is out…?] before I watch them again.  The episodes are about 10-15 minutes long.  And the bishies… ah~ the bishies~!  I love the bishies.  They are soooo~ hot.  I love them.  Yeah.  Hear me rant.  I am such a nerd.  *laughs*



6. Beelzebub

I love the manga even though it doesn’t makes sense sometimes. *laughs*  I watched the first ep.  It was cool.  Baby Beel was just sooooooo~ adorable. I go ‘awwwww~♥’ everytime I see him and hear him speak.  *laughs*  The voice actors were okay, kinda like how I expected them to be in my head when I read the manga.  Sooooo~ looking forward for the next episodes.




7. Hourou Musuko

The manga is cool.  Really.  The main characters are children but it focuses on such important issues.  I haven’t watched the first ep yet.  Like I said before, I’m waiting until a few more episodes are out before I start watching.  I do hope it’s cool.


So, there it is.  The list of anime I’m going to add to my watch list.  I do hope they don’t disappoint in later episodes.   Oh, but there’s still Mai no Mahou to Katei no Hi.  It starts airing February… or so I’ve heard.  It seems interesting so I think I might watch it.

Skip Beat 169

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Hello, world~! It’s been a while. *laughs* The Christmas holidays passed too quickly, and before I knew it, it’s once again the start of school. ugh…. I haven’t been able to do anything during the holidays… just watched House and read some books I had on Zuko. I wasn’t even able to catch up to the latest episodes of some of the fall anime I had been watching. *sighs* I really need to burn some stuff and get them off Zuko. >_<

Anyway, the 169th chapter of Skip Beat’s out. You can find it here. 😀 And, damn. It’s a really cute chapter.

Apparently, I’m wrong again regarding this Rick person we’ve been hearing about in previous chapters. Rick was a friend of Tsuruga-san. And, seriously, I think he’s really weird. *laughs*

We really get to see Ren as Kuon in this chapter. And I think it’s the Kuon that Kyoko knows as Corn. *sigh* He looks sooooo~ adorable and all. But, damn! I think this Kuon already has his fair share of women. *laughs* But it’s cute how he’s depressed that a girl left him. 😀

Half the chapter’s a flashback. And the other half is such a sweet and cute moment between Kyoko and Ren. It really makes my heart wish for more to happen between them. *sigh*

Kyoko really worries for Ren. And Ren is finally accepting the LME President’s word about Kyoko being a powerful protective charm. *sigh* I don’t think Ren would tell Kyoko to stop hanging around him while being BJ. Thank god! I was worried for a while there. :3

Anyway, Kyoko’s gonna ‘spread her magic’ on him and give him a charm of sorts. And with Kyoko’s ‘shall we stay and face it together?’… *sigh* I think I’m melting. >///<

Too bad, the next chapter’s coming out on the 5th of February. Ugh. I wanna know what happens next…. T^T

Skip Beat 167

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Oookay.  So, the 167th chapter of Skip Beat! is finally out.  Well, it’s been out for a few days.  So, I think people have already read it or something.  XD

During the *uber* long time between the 166th and 167th chapter, I’ve reread the whole series.  And it seems that there were a few things I’ve got wrong in some of my earlier posts.

Apparently, Rick was hit by Tsuruga-sama’s… erm… Kuon’s car.  {lawl, I know.  they’re the same person but… *shrugs*  I’m just being crazy~ forgive me, ne~.}  So, Rick was run over by Kuon.  I’m not really sure what lead to such circumstances.  But it’s never been stated in the manga.  And then,  I’m not really sure of Rick was really a friend of Kuon.  I simply assumed he was a friend.  But what if he was just some random stranger Kuon had the misfortune of nearly running over?  Well, he seemed to think of Rick {whoever this guy is…} in a very familiar manner.   But, now that I think about it… it could just be Kuon in a state of shock.  *frustrated sigh* I’m really confused here.  Is anyone else as confused as I am?  *sigh*  Nevermind… >_<

Now, let’s get back to the current chapter. Of course, the chapter opens with that uber sweet scene from the previous chapter.  *fangirl squeals and sighs*  I ish melting… >///<  Yup.  Ren-sama does that to me… *ehem* Anyway, this chapter focuses mainly on Ren-sama’s thoughts.  Particularly, his thoughts on Kyoko-sama and his difficulty [?] of keeping his Kuon side in check. 

In the previous chapters, the president of LME told Ren that Kyoko is his omamori [protective charm yada yada…] and Ren, having a hard time suppressing his feelings, told the president he doesn’t need Kyoko.  [>_<]  In this chapter, he realizes that the president was right.  But he’s just being stubborn again.  He just keeps on insisting that Kyoko was there to make sure he doesn’t forget to eat.  ugh.  seriously.  I love Ren-sama bu he can be just tooooooo stupid sometimes.  *sigh*  oh well…

Anyway, the chapter really shows some insight into Ren-sama’s past.  And there’s this guy in the chapter who seems to be Kuon’s close friend?  I’m not really sure.  But it seems that he gave Kuon some advice.  I’m really wondering who this person is.  His face wasn’t shown but…. I think he kinda looks like Tsuruga Ren-sama….?  >_<  Yeah, yeah,  I’m speculating again.  But he does look like Ren-sama.  Of course it could just be the black hair and the fact that most of Yoshiki-sensei’s characters look alike…. but…  *shrugs*  I should stop now.  XD

The chapter ends with Ren-sama returning Kyoko’s call.  However, the next chapter’s gonna be out on the 20th of December.  *sigh* 私… 我慢できるか?*sigh*