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Posted: 05.11.2012 in dreams
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i dreamed that i was going to get married. in Japan.  where i met my top ten favorite seiyuu. because FukuJun suddenly became my friend.

my life was going nowhere and it seemed that the only way to “redeeem” myself to my family was help them pay off a loan? [i’m not really sure.] by getting married to son of the woman my family seemed to owe something to. i’m not really sure if it was money, but that seemed to be pretty close. and whatever my family owed this person, seemed to be really big since i wasn’t really given much of a choice. [that, and my life was getting nowhere. if i remember correctly, my mom said ‘if you’re still stuck like that, then why not just get married? at least we’d be able to pay them off’]

apparently, the guy also agreed to the marriage. i wasn’t really sure why he agreed because there really wasn’t anything to gain from marrying me. it was pretty clear that he didn’t like me. i didn’t like him either.  the guy’s family is pretty rich. they decided that we should hold the marriage in… wait for it. JAPAN. i’m also not really sure why the marriage had to take place there, but, yes. we were going to get married in japan.

so we flew to japan, stayed at a hotel, and started preparing for the event. a few days before the wedding, my family and i went out. i have no idea where we went. i haven’t been to japan before so i really don’t know. but it seemed like we went to some local shops. while my family was looking around, i ran into Fukuyama Jun. and i went into fangirl mode and i started to speak in unfluent Japanese, by which i was able to tell him my life story [?! oh god, this dream! me is unbelievable!].  after telling him all that and maybe a bit more, i realized that my family was going back to the hotel. i had to leave soon, so i said goodbye to FukuJun after exchanging phone numbers.

we got back to the hotel and i saw that preparations were nearly done. my female cousin and i were checking over the reception area when i met the the parents of the guy i was marrying, i.e. the woman my family owed something to and her husband.  my cousin asked me why they seemed to be ignoring me and was bordering on hostility when i confirmed that yes, apparently they hate me, god knows why. but i didn’t tell her that i was sure it was because my life was going nowhere and, on top of that, i wasn’t as pretty as they hoped for. i was really sad after that so i returned to my room and just slept.

the next day, we went out again. this time, with my cousin and some of the groom’s younger family members. we somehow went to the same place as last time, but on an area where there were cafes and stuff. i somehow hung back from the rest of the group when FukuJun appeared. apparently, he wanted to show me around. thinking that there wasn’t any harm [i mean, dude. one of my fave seiyuus ever], i decided to go with him.

he told me he had a surprise for me. as we went around, we met Kamiya Hiroshi.  apparently, this was the surprise. the day before, i somehow told him my top ten favorite seiyuu so he was going to let me meet them. so, yeah, i met them, from my tenth favorite, and in all different locations.  apparently, i was able to communicate with them in my halting japanese, what with all the gushing  and the trying-not-to-faint-from-just-being-in-their-presence.

so, anyway, my second most favorite is FukuJun. when it was time to meet the seiyuu on the top my list, FukuJun lead me to another cafe where he introduced me to Terashima Takuma, told me that this was going to be a date and to have fun, before leaving the two of us alone.

at first, it was a bit awkward between terashii and i. because i suddenly blurted out that i loved him and i had his CDs and tried to look for the games he appeared in. and then we laughed and we just.. talked. i really couldn’t remember what we talked about. but he was funny and… adorable. and i somehow thought he’d be really different but i was wrong. and he seemed really nice. and then we talked about how i was going to get married in a few days time. we stopped talking over that. after a while, he told me he wanted to take me somewhere. as we were preparing to head out, my phone rang. it was an unknown number so i just answered. it was the mother of the guy i was going to marry, asking where i was and why i didn’t return with the others. i was shocked that i forgot i was supposed to be back at this time, and that it was so late. i looked at terashii; he seemed to realize who was calling, he looked a bit pained and then he just turned around.  i told her that i didn’t know where i was but she didn’t have to worry since i’d be returning to the hotel immediately. after some kind of threat, she hung up the phone.

afterwards, i tried to apologize to terashii, but he said it was okay. he kind of understood what happened based on what he heard. he told me that he’ll just take me where he wanted to next time. he took my phone and called his, saying that we now have each other’s number. we were going to exchange e-mail addresses but apparently, i didn’t know how. he ended up sending me his, and me writing mine on a piece of paper. he asked me where my hotel was so he could send me there, but i said that i didn’t know since it seemed like i always forgot the name.  however, it was just a few blocks away and, fortunately for me, i know the way. then he smiled, said that that was better and that he’d walk me back to the hotel.

anyway, we just talked on the way. about a lot of things, like on the cafe, but the topic this time was something more personal. as we were coming nearer the hotel, i blurted out ‘terashima-san wa… tsuma ga irun desu ka?’ [oh god, even if i know that this is just a dream, i still feel ashamed of myself]. i quickly apologized for asking such a rude question. he told me i really should stop apologizing, and that he didn’t mind. he told me he didn’t have wife. and i, being the idiot, asked if he had a girlfriend or someone he liked. he said no to the girlfriend and then stared at me. then he asked me if i had someone i liked.  i wasn’t dense. i just blushed and looked away and felt guilty. he seemed to read my thoughts and told me that my fiance didn’t count. so we stopped a block away from the hotel. i told him that this was fine. so he just nodded, hugged me, told me that he’d call tonight, and then said goodbye.

when i tried to return to my room, it seemed like my future parents-in-law together with my fiance was waiting for me. they were angry and accused me of seeing other men. i told them that it wasn’t true. then my fiance’s mother told me that i was lying and that someone saw me with another guy earlier. and then i got angry at them for accusing me of cheating when in fact there really wasn’t anything between me and their son. so i told them that the guy was FukuJun, whom i befriended earlier, and that he introduced me to some of his seiyuu friends, after i told him that i was such a fan. apparently, my fiance seems to also know who FukuJun and the other seiyuus i mentioned. so, he forgave me and told me he was jealous. anyway, i was still angry so i stormed into my room, crashed on the bed, and took out my phone, waiting for terashii’s text or phone call.

and then i woke up.

first and foremost, i think i know what you’re thinking. WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH ME???? why would i have a dream like this?

truthfully, i don’t know. this is the first time i’ve ever had this kind of weird. normally, they’re strange. but if it involves something like love and stuff or somehow focuses people i don’t really know in real life, i’m not usually involved. in those kind of dreams, i’m usually like an omnipotent being. if it focuses on me, it’s usually a dream with people i know, friends from school i haven’t been in contact with, and more like a daily-life kind of thing.

this.  this is just weird.

anyway, i’m not going to try to think much more into this. since it’s really weird. so, yeah. i guess that’s all.


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