i dream of aliens…

Posted: 17.11.2012 in dreams
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i dreamed that i was one of the people abducted by aliens or something. we were taken to a ship set on a secret island facility. and we had to entertain said aliens along the way.

apparently, there had been strange things happening on earth recently. after some meteor shower thingie that happened weeks earlier, people had been disappearing all over the world. it’s a baffling phenomenon and no one can seem to explain why. the people had nothing in common. and they seem to disappear at various times.

however, it seemed like i knew why people were disappearing. in this dream, i was an assistant to one of my previous teachers. i believe it was my professor [let’s call him Mr. A] in that history class i took. he had this explanation why this is happening. i’m not really sure what the explanation was but he only told a handful in the class who he realized shared a similar trait with him, that is, some kind of recent change in them and the people in that group were those who watched the meteor shower with him. apparently, i was also included in that group. [though, i’m not really sure what the meteor shower had anything to do with his class. if i recall correctly, he was teaching the same class in my dream as i had in real life. asian history. but, oh well~ *shrugs*]

anyway, Mr. A held a meeting with the rest of us two or three times a week. apparently, the people in the group had something in their DNA changed that made them have some powers. this meeting was something to talk about what other changes had been happening to us and about how we can protect ourselves from disappearing. however, it was all in vain when it seemed like the others were being abducted. in the end, it was only me and Mr. A who remained.

one day, in class, Mr. A was giving a lecture. when suddenly, this kind of black hole appeared out of nowhere. and then tentacle-like things came out and captured Mr. A. i tried to help Mr. A but i was too late. he was sucked into the black hole. and then it was my turn. i tried to ask for help, but no one noticed. just that Mr. A disappeared out of nowhere. and now it was my turn. i try to run to my seat, but the tentacles caught me. i kinda panicked and told the tentacles that if they wanted me to go with them, they had to wait because i still needed to get my stuff. [i think i said ‘do you expect me to leave my laptop behind?!’ in outrage. funny, really, now that i think about it. if we went to some other planet, my stuff would be kinda useless] surprisingly, the tentacles obeyed. so i took my things and went to the black hole thingie. the tentacles didn’t capture me. they backed off and i had to step into the black hole on my own free will.

i thought i was going to die so i tightly closed my eyes and went it. only to find myself in some kind of room with lots of double deck beds. i searched for an empty one and put my things there and waited. there were a lot of people [girls, mostly. i believe that we’ve been segregated by sex] all talking in different languages and in varying degrees of hysteria, denial and acceptance. and then i heard a group of girls talking in filipino in one of the beds near mine. i was kind of relieved and introduced myself. and then, for some reason, we kinda became friends. and i had a fleeting thought [this is the dream!me] that the filipino people tend to stick together and become friends much more easily than the others. i’m not really sure where this came from. and i don’t even know if this is true. so don’t hate me.

anyway, we kinda waited in there. and then, finally [i think it was because everyone they had to abduct had already been abducted], we were able to get out of the room. all of us were told to go to an even bigger room where it was explained to us that we don’t have anything to worry about. they weren’t going to do anything bad to us.

apparently, the earth is going to be destroyed in the near future. and us, who had been abducted, were chosen to save the earth. the meteor shower weeks earlier wasn’t normal. apparently, there was something there that can awaken the power in people who had the highest potential. they took us in order to train those powers and be able to help save the earth in the future. anyway, they were going to send us to some island facility or something where we were going to live while we learned how to harness our newly found powers. so, yeah, something like that.

the next few days, the alien people conducted interviews and physical examinations in order to determine what kind of powers we had. anyway, everyone was showing some kind of gift or another while nothing was going on with me. i became kind of afraid that there might have been some kind of mistake. my new friends told me not to worry. maybe it wasn’t something noticeable like the others. but i was still anxious. later, i found out some my friends were also there [shi-chan and others lol, even gen-san and B1 were there. this is the first time all of them appeared in my dream. most of the time, it was just two or three of them. and this is also the first time gen-san and B1 appeared in a dream. am i missing them or something? hmmm….]

anyway, we talked and after telling them what i was afraid of, they basically told me the same thing my new friends told me. when i told them i was still worried, they just told me that maybe it was kinda like gen-san, whose powers were kinda specific [in this dream, apparently, he can literally make a computer do whatever he wants and he can enter it and other kinds of electronics], and that i didn’t have to worry since the test was thorough.

so anyway, the tests were stopped for a bit since we were nearing the island where we will be staying. we were told to prepare something to take the people of the ship for taking care of us during the journey.[i think it was because of some strange alien custom or something] apparently, it could be anything. we were grouped randomly. and i somehow grouped with sam concepcion, who apparently was also one of the abductees. [he’s a filipino celebrity. i’m not really sure why he appeared in my dream. i mean, i’m not really a fan… though i admit that i think he looks cute.] i’m not sure if i was a fan in this dream, but i was starstruck.  like, really bad. [oh god. how lame..] i wasn’t able to form coherent sentences at first, but i kinda blurted out that i knew who he was and that i watched him in little big star. we were the only filipinos in our group [i wasn’t sure which country the others came from]. we kinda talked in tagalog so he said he was kinda relieved because he was able to take a break from english and something like that.

so we decided to sing a song. since sam’s a singer, he was automatically the lead singer. and there was this other girl who had a crush on him and nominated herself as the other lead, which pissed me off. i’m not sure why i was pissed off. [oh god, what on earth is with this shoujo manga-like development? someone kill me now] i mean, i’m far from a good singer in real life so, wtf? lol during practice,the girl kept sticking close to him and i was really irritated but i just didn’t say anything.

before the ‘appreciation day’, there was some kind of audition for those who decided to perform something. apparently, there shouldn’t be any mistake or else the alien people would take offense. lol when we performed, we were okay but the lead girl was somehow off-pitch and even forgot some of the lyrics. we were able to save the performance, but it was obvious that something went wrong so we weren’t able to get in. i was somehow sad about this, and kinda angry at the girl. but there was also a part of me who was mean and cruel and somehow celebrated at the thought that the girl made a mistake. god, i am so evil.  well, it wasn’t that much of a big deal, really, so everyone just shrugged it off and parted ways.

the morning after the appreciation day, while most people were still asleep, i went out into the ship’s deck and just stayed there, looking out into the sea. before long, i started singing the opening theme song for strange dawn. [i’m kinda surprised at this dream of mine. when had i been able to sing that good? lol i guess this just shows my desire to be good at singing.] while singing, i realized that there were other people present. apparently, my voice kinda resounded throughout the ship and it kinda woke up some people and they went to check out the source. sam was one of those people. when i saw them, i just kinda stopped and blushed and wished that there was a hole i could bury myself into.

in this dream, i thought i was bad at singing and apologized to the everyone. sam told me that i shouldn’t apologize because my singing was more than good and asked me why i didn’t tell the group about my singing. i said that  i really had no idea. so he asked me what that song was. so i told him, said it was one of my favorites [which is true, btw], and gave him a kind of butchered translation of the song. so, anyway, we just talked about the song. and then, later, i realized that shi-chan and the others were also on the deck now. they also heard the song, but they just didn’t go and check out the source. when they saw sam, they weren’t starstruck. [ugh. how unfair. why did i go and be all starstruck?] apparently, gen-san already met him in the guys’ quarters and since he already met with the others by that time, he was able to introduce them. anyway, all of us just talked until one of the other people on the ship shouted, saying that he saw land. we all looked and saw the island.

and then i woke up.

lol what on earth is this? is this one of those dreams that are kinda like ‘to be continued…..’ or something. well, a part of me is kinda hoping that i see the continuation of this dream. i mean, that has happened before. one of my dreams continuing the next night, i mean. hmm.. oh well, even if it continues or not, it was an interesting dream, nonetheless.

still, sam concepcion? SAM CONCEPCION!! what the hell? where on earth did this come from? i mean, really? *sigh* oh well, i do remember a dream with a celebrity before. if i recall, it was something about sam milby being one of those evil, conquer-the-world type of person, and that i had to go to my previous school, team up with kusari, aveya and koneko in order to stop him… but, i digress. anyway, it was just a brief mention of sam milby, no interaction whatsoever so i’m kinda surprised about this. well, there was that dream with my fave seiyuus so… hmmm.. is this going to be a kind of recurring theme? lol

oh well. whatever.

really. my dreams are just… *shakes head* what on earth is wrong with me?


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