i dream of magic….

Posted: 13.12.2012 in dreams
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i dreamed that there was a war going on. the rules of the magic was weird. and one country was on the verge of being taken over.

there were two countries. the relationship between the two had always been strained but recently it got worse.

actually, i do not appear in this dream. no one i know appeared in this dream. but it was like, i was seeing everything through this little girl, called Abby. she’s about 13~15 in my dream. i’m not sure if she’s a princess. but, as far as i know, everyone around her calls her that. i guess it was just a term of endearment. i’m not sure if she wasn part of royalty or not. but her parents were pretty important in the government. not sure about the dad, since he didn’t appear, just mentioned. i think he’s someone in the military or maybe a royal advisor [something like that, i guess], so he’s been away at the castle recently. but her mom is some kind of a great figure in the field of magic. she’s kinda retired? i’m not really sure, but she’s always staying at home and people keep on visiting her most of the time.

so, anyway, this dream is seen through Abby’s point of view so i don’t really know what’s really happening in the country. there was a time when she tried to eavesdrop on her mom and her visitors [some old men in mage robes?] but someone caught her, a knight?, captain of the guards?, one of the younger princes?, not sure. just that, he has a sword, kinda young [twenties?], and people seem to respect him very much. he tells her it’s bad to listen in on other people’s conversations and takes her to the garden. [along the way, the servants in Abby’s household kept bowing so i think he’s really respected. they don’t really do that in Abby or her mom’s presence.]

i guess Abby has a crush on this prince guy. [i guess he’s a prince, since a captain of the guards can’t be that young, i think. and he can’t be just some knight since he’s been to Abby’s house a couple of times and he always get treated that way by the servants every time]. not that i can blame her, he’s kinda.. uhm.. cute. but, apparently, he’s also really nice. he really respects Abby’s dad. and he studied under him. i’m not really clear as to what he studied since i really can’t point out what abby’s dad does. and he’s known Abby since she was really little and when he had time, he came to play with her.

so, anyway, they were having a tea party [don’t know how it turned out like this] and they were talking about how it was nice that the weather was good, the prince’s travels, and, well, how Abby flew the other day. this was when Abby’s mom came, and kinda scolded her for talking about something like that. it was fine since the prince knew about her magic, but if people were listening in, they might take her away. i’m not sure why the mom’s freaked out and why the prince was kinda grim by the news. i guess they’re keeping it a secret that Abby has magic and, by the looks of it, really strong magic. not sure why though. just that, there’s a feeling that the magic people, the ones who’ve been visiting Abby’s mom recently, might take her away. maybe it’s because the war? not sure. but Abby’s parents want to keep it a secret. maybe not so much as the magic, but how strong of a magic-wielder she is.

after that, things became like a haze. and before i know it, Abby and her mom are on the run. apparently, the other country finally made a move and attacked their country. for some reason, with all the magic in the kingdom, they find themselves at a disadvantage. Cities and villages continue to fall and people were forced to flee towards the capital. and then the other country attacked Abby’s village. they heard about Abby’s mom. they think that they might be able to use her, or something like that, so they attacked the village. but when the soldiers of the other country reach Abby’s house, they were already gone. Abby, her mom, and some other people from the village were doing fine until they reached some kind of unused fort?, not really sure, but it was something like that, on a river. it was pretty livable, albeit a little on the abandoned side, and it seemed like a pretty safe spot and only locals knew about it since the place stopped being used a decade or so ago.  so they decided to stay there for a bit, because they hadn’t be able to rest properly since they fled from the village. so they set up camp and all, but the soldiers from the other country appeared and they were surrounded.

and then it cuts there. next thing i see, Abby is crying and going to her mom’s room. and she tells her about her dream. Abby’s mom calms her down, calls the servants and tells them to get ready. apparently, Abby can see the future or something. maybe that’s the reason her mom was keeping her a secret. i’m not sure if the prince guy also knows about this, but i think he also does since he seems really close to Abby’s family.

somehow the people from the village were aware of the news. the people were split into groups. there were a few groups was escaping via the sea, some were using a hidden route to a nearby city, and then there was Abby’s group that will escape to the capital. i’m not really sure why Abby’s group had to be split from the ones going to the nearby city, but i guess the fastest way to the capital was a more dangerous route, one that make it hard for those following them [since the other country really wanted to capture Abby’s mom], to the point that, since they are not familiar with the path, they might lose some of their number.  some of guards were given the duty of escorting the villagers to safety. most of them, however, decided to remain and try to fend off the attackers [though it was kinda obvious to them that they will fail.]

anyway, Abby’s group were finally on their way when the village is attacked. for some reason, it’s not just Abby, her mom and some people of their household. there were also some villagers with them. one in particular was this one guy, who really seemed suspicious to me. i think there were a talk of a spy, since they were apparently found out in the fortress in Abby’s dream. i had a feeling that the spy was this one. others were also suspicious of this guy, but he’s kind of like a local noble, so no one is able to make a move against him.

they finally reach the hidden fortress. they think that it would be safe to stay there and rest since they don’t think the attackers would catch up on them that soon. so they set up camp. uhm, there was a brief flashback of some sort here. apparently, Abby used to have a friend. they were really close and they used to play together. but her friend was going to move away from the village, to the capital, i guess?, so they wouldn’t be able to see each other again. before her friend moved, her friend gave Abby a bracelet [a really expensive-looking one]. i’m not really sure why there was such a flashback in this point of the dream, but, oh well.

anyway, while they were sleeping, the attackers caught up with them and started to attack. everyone was in such a panic so they scattered. Abby and her mom made sure everyone was out first before they also leave. it was then that Abby realized she left her bracelet in the room they were staying. she told her mom she wanted to go back for it. her mom said that there was no way she would allow Abby to go back and that the attackers would surely capture her. then they realized that there were still some villagers left.

Abby’s mom had no choice but to save them. she tries to use magic, but one of her attendants stops her and tells her that with her condition, there was no way for her to make it in time. and because she was tired, she might not be able to make a field in the first place.

uhm, here’s some kind of explanation. the magic in this place is kind of weird. from what i gathered, when one uses magic, some kind of magic insignia-thingie [what do you call that? i’m not realy sure, but whatever] appears below a person it shows how strong a person is depending on the size [it can be controlled though, once a person studies magic] and it also has some kind of a gauge that shows how much magic a person has. there’s also a thing, like a field-user and non-field-user or something. it’s like non-field is more like casting fireballs, creating a sword from water, poisoning someone with a spell, things like that. and field is more like AOE +DoT but more effective, lasts as long as the caster can endure, can be used to target only certain people within the field, targeted people can’t leave, but very time consuming given the number of people to target and the size of the area that’s going to be affected. it’s also very draining and, depending on the size, might need a number of people to maintain. also, for some weird reason, the casters may be able to stop casting. there’ll be an emblem of some kind in the place where they originally cast the field. each emblem is kinda unique to each person. but doing it this way would make the field weaker and last much less.

anyway, Abby’s mom is a really powerful field-user or something. [one of the reasons she’s being targeted] but she’s kinda retired earlier because for some reasons, something happened in the past that drained her magic and made it so her magic gauge is never full again. Abby’s mom still wants to do something, but her attendants try to stop her. Abby steps in and tells her mom, that she shouldn’t worry, she’ll help her. and then she shows her insignia-thingie and everyone is surprised that it’s big [Abby never had formal magic training]. so Abby and her mom do the spell together, he mom doing the specifications of the spell, and Abby supporting. but it was really slow and Abby got angry [not sure why. i think it’s about the bracelet? or maybe not. some people were screaming, so i guess that’s what it was] and then magic just poured out and the spell was complete. Abby’s mom and her attendants were kinda surprised because they really didn’t expect her to be able to do that.

so, the attackers knew they were screwed. Abby and her mom went back and tried to help the people still in the fort. on the way they were attacked, but for some weird reason, they keep missing them. i guess it was also in the specifications of the field? so while Abby’s mom went to the people left behind, Abby went back to get her bracelet, only to find that someone was holding it. i guess Abby got angry. she kinda lost it and before i know it, i wasn’t looking at the dream on Abby’s perspective anymore.

some reinforcements for the attackers came and saved them. they dispelled the field, but only after finding the emblem left behind for the field. they thought it would be Abby’s mom’s but they were surprised that it was an unknown one.

so anyway, Abby, her mom, and the others were able to escape. they somehow made it into another village. they doubted that the attackers would pursue them that far since they kinda lost a great number. so while Abby was sleeping, the suspicious guy came and had a word with Abby’s mom. he was asking what happened in the fort and who cast the field. he said that there were rumors about it. he asked Abby’s mom whose emblem was left on the field, since it wasn’t hers. he guessed that it was Abby’s. Abby’s mom said that no, everything was done by her. rumors about Abby was just rumors.

and then i woke up.

oh god. it’s been a while since i had these kind of dreams. and yes, it’s just as weird as any. i’m kinda curious as to what would happen next. and i’m curious as to what Abby’s dad does for a living. and also, that suspicious guy. i think he’s really the spy? but Abby’s mom was kinda scary in the last part. i mean, when she says that the rumors about Abby was just rumors, made it sound so cold and in a way that says the rumors were for her benefit, and that Abby was the bait and that it would be okay as long as the attackers pursue Abby and not her. it was really scary. i think the suspicious guy was also scared of Abby’s mom when she said that.

i’m also curious as to what happened to the prince. he’s kinda like a big-brother type of figure, but Abby has such a huge crush on him. and it was just cute, the two of them on that tea party. lol but i’m also wondering about Abby’s friend who moved away. and the significance of the bracelet. i mean, i know the bracelet was important and i know kids could be kinda selfish to want to go back for it, but losing it because other people touched the bracelet? that was kinda… hmmm…

i really, REALLY wanna see this dream again. and i hope it would be a continuation? lol i know from past experiences that it’s dreams like this that i dream of again, and with a continuation of some sort. well, not always, but it has happened from time to time.

on another note, this is the first time in a dream that i know the name of the person i’m seeing the point of view from. in most dreams like this, i know it’s not me. but they don’t call me by name. it’s weird, really. this dream was also like that at first. i didn’t know who the little girl was, but i know i’m seeing the dream in her point of view. but on the last part, her mom called her Abby. [even the suspicious man called Abby ‘your daughter’ when he was talking to Abby’s mom]

oh, lol~ i am so weird.


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