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Dance in the Vampire Bund belongs to the kind of manga I don’t usually read.  Why?  Because it’s ecchi.  I don’t usually read manga falling under that genre because most of those that I read are all so stereotypical.  There’s always this guy who doesn’t have that much of good qualities in him.  Despite these lack of anything, lo and behold!  A lot of girls start falling for him and most of them are the kinds guys like him will never get in real life.  And the rest of the story would involve panty shots, compromising situations, and other fan service.  Most I’ve read are just soooo~ boring with the lack of a good story that I tend to dismiss ecchi manga in general.

However, Dance in the Vampire Bund is different.  The story focuses on Akira Kaburagi Regendorf [ugh.. such a diffucult name… >_<] and Mina Tepes.  Mina’s a vampire princess who rules over all of her kind and Akira’s a werewolf who serves under her and is her protector.  Anyway, Mina pays for Japan’s uber huge debt and, in turn, Japan grants her an off-shore district.  Later, Mina announces to the world the existence of vampires and that the district given to her would be a special area for vampires.  However, problems arise when humans, as well as vampires, oppose to this development.

This manga is cool.  Sure, there’s the usual fan service for the pervy readers.  Heck, there are even instances of full nudity.  But the story’s good.  The premise adds a bit of a twist to the usual vampire stories out there.  There’s loads of action, thanks to the people opposing Mina and trying to kill her versus the people serving under Mina.  There’s a lot of blood, actually.  But, where will you see something about vampires without blood?  *laughs*

And, of course, all the characters are pretty lovable [except the head of the three clans, of course] .  Ah, but I hated Yuki at first.  Later on in the story, she became more like-able.  And, of course, she writes yaoi stories with the main character based on Akira  so it’s definitely a plus.

Akira’s okay but he’s really angsty and I kinda hated him for liking Yuki.  I mean, Mina’s there!  Mina’s such a cute~ loli tsundere and lovable person and he dares to look at the Yuki?  *laughs*  But that was just in the beginning of the story.  I like him but I still kinda hate him.  Only because of his stupidity and his angst.  I say his stupid because, darn it, he really seems to care for Mina but he just pushes her away and all that.  *sigh*  Oh, but I love~ the seemingly yaoi tension between him and his werewolf partner.

Now that I think about it, the werewolves are all guys.  And~ they are always in pairs.  And~ there’s this bit about the Earth clan’s [the werewolves] coming of age ceremony where they are abandoned in some cold place stripped of anything, even their clothes, and they have to survive these harsh conditions for a month.  Is it just me, or is that the perfect start of something yaoi? *laughs*

Anyway, It’s been a while since I’ve read an ecchi manga that really draws me in.  Despite the scenes not intended for young people, it’s quite a good read and it really~ keeps me on the edge of my seat.  There’s actually an anime for this one which aired from January to April [I think….] but~ I’m still deciding whether I watch it or not.