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Posted: 13.09.2010 in tv series
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Lately, I started watching Dexter again. This time, I totally picked up the series. I’ve tried watching the series before, but I was preoccupied with Kyle XY and Merlin at that time. It was just lately that I remembered about the series. *laughs*

First of all, I have to say that I love~ it! The premise of the series is quite different from all the others I’ve watched before. Instead of focusing on the good guys, the story focuses on a serial killer. It’s really cool, being able to see inside a serial killer’s thoughts for a change. And, since Dexter works as a lab rat for the Miami PD, it’s fun watching the play of cat and mouse. And what’s even more exciting is he’s been soooooo close to being found out a few times now. It really keeps me on edge.

Right now, I’m on season 2 and darn it! It’s really heart-pounding. The police is out to find a new serial killer, who happens to be no other than Dexter. It’s really nerve-wracking. I sooo don’t want Dexter to be found out. Though the show’s currently on season five, it means that Dexter hasn’t been named the serial killer. Ugh! But it’s just fill of suspense! >_<

*sigh* Oh well, I’m just gonna sit through this heart-stopping suspense, and wait for what’s next.