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Kuroshitsuji II

Posted: 28.09.2010 in anime
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Finally, I’m able to write something about Kuroshitsuji II.  *laughs*  So, anyway, the second season of Kuroshitsuji premiered last July and aired it’s last episode this September.  It ran a total of twelve episodes and, darn it, I’m a bit torn about this anime.

The first season of the anime was just awesome.  Though it didn’t follow the manga’s storyline, it was good in itself.  When it ended, I felt that despite the sad ending, it wasn’t lacking in any way.  Ciel’s revenge has been complete and Sebastian is free to devour his soul.

Then season two happened.  And I believe I’m not just speaking for myself when I say everyone watching the series was confused.  Of course, there were news that there are new characters being introduced:  Alois Trancy and his butler, Claude.  So I think people were expecting a story focusing on the two of them.  But, lo and behold!  Sebastian Michaelis appeared… And so did Ciel.  And I was left on the edge of my seat.

Of course, I was confused.  Ciel died so why did he appear again?  And then, there was the fact that Alois seemed to want Ciel for something.  Confusion.  And yet, it also made me want for more.  Then episode was released and I think everyone was sent into a lot more confusion.  *laughs*  Theories on what’s happening kept popping up here and there.  And, I even tried my hand into giving my own version of what I think happened and is going to happen. *laughs*

As the series progressed, questions were answered and I just marveled at the fight between the two demons.  Of course, I was a bit peeved that Sebastian went into a contract-thingie with Claude.  Though it made the story a bit more entertaining it was just,… ugh.  It just made me feel that they were toying with both Ciel and Alois.  *sigh*  Well, they are demons.

Anyway, the second season really had nice developments.  There were also times were I felt sorry for both Alois and Ciel.  Well, mostly Ciel.  I just hate Alois.  Even if I watched the episode dedicated to explain his past, I still don’t like him.  *laughs*  He’s just too obsessed with Claude, actually.  *laughs*  But, darn, the last few episodes were really something.  There’s this mighty twist and the end was just sad.  Really sad.

It’s just sad that everything turned out the way it was.  Although the final fight scenes between Claude and Sebastian were cool, everything else kinda sucked to me.  Really.  But, the way it was turning out, I think it was good that they just wrapped up the season in twelve episodes.

However, it would have been nice if there were still a lot more of interaction between Ciel and Alois as the Watchdogand the Spider.  Or maybe a bit more interaction between Ciel and the deceased detective guy’s brother?  It would have been interesting to see if he could affect Ciel the same way his brother did in the first season.  Would Ciel have second thoughts about his revenge again or would he just go on with it without having doubts?  *sigh*  I’m not really good with these kind of things.  *laughs*

Oh well, Kuroshitsuji II seemed to be cut so short, but anymore would just have drawn out the story too much.  All in all, the story was okay but the ending was lame.  And, I don’t think it lived up to the hype it created when it was announced.  Oh, but something to watch out for in this series is the seemingly innocent yet shounen ai-ish scenes.

PS:  I’m really sad that the other characters weren’t given much screen time.  *sigh*  I really loooooved~  Mey-rin. >_<  Oh, and Claude is a pervert, a pedophile, and really seemingly gay.  I thought he was okay at first, but darn it.  He’s just creepy.