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Skip Beat 169

Posted: 09.01.2011 in manga
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Hello, world~! It’s been a while. *laughs* The Christmas holidays passed too quickly, and before I knew it, it’s once again the start of school. ugh…. I haven’t been able to do anything during the holidays… just watched House and read some books I had on Zuko. I wasn’t even able to catch up to the latest episodes of some of the fall anime I had been watching. *sighs* I really need to burn some stuff and get them off Zuko. >_<

Anyway, the 169th chapter of Skip Beat’s out. You can find it here. 😀 And, damn. It’s a really cute chapter.

Apparently, I’m wrong again regarding this Rick person we’ve been hearing about in previous chapters. Rick was a friend of Tsuruga-san. And, seriously, I think he’s really weird. *laughs*

We really get to see Ren as Kuon in this chapter. And I think it’s the Kuon that Kyoko knows as Corn. *sigh* He looks sooooo~ adorable and all. But, damn! I think this Kuon already has his fair share of women. *laughs* But it’s cute how he’s depressed that a girl left him. 😀

Half the chapter’s a flashback. And the other half is such a sweet and cute moment between Kyoko and Ren. It really makes my heart wish for more to happen between them. *sigh*

Kyoko really worries for Ren. And Ren is finally accepting the LME President’s word about Kyoko being a powerful protective charm. *sigh* I don’t think Ren would tell Kyoko to stop hanging around him while being BJ. Thank god! I was worried for a while there. :3

Anyway, Kyoko’s gonna ‘spread her magic’ on him and give him a charm of sorts. And with Kyoko’s ‘shall we stay and face it together?’… *sigh* I think I’m melting. >///<

Too bad, the next chapter’s coming out on the 5th of February. Ugh. I wanna know what happens next…. T^T


Skip Beat 167

Posted: 10.12.2010 in manga
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Oookay.  So, the 167th chapter of Skip Beat! is finally out.  Well, it’s been out for a few days.  So, I think people have already read it or something.  XD

During the *uber* long time between the 166th and 167th chapter, I’ve reread the whole series.  And it seems that there were a few things I’ve got wrong in some of my earlier posts.

Apparently, Rick was hit by Tsuruga-sama’s… erm… Kuon’s car.  {lawl, I know.  they’re the same person but… *shrugs*  I’m just being crazy~ forgive me, ne~.}  So, Rick was run over by Kuon.  I’m not really sure what lead to such circumstances.  But it’s never been stated in the manga.  And then,  I’m not really sure of Rick was really a friend of Kuon.  I simply assumed he was a friend.  But what if he was just some random stranger Kuon had the misfortune of nearly running over?  Well, he seemed to think of Rick {whoever this guy is…} in a very familiar manner.   But, now that I think about it… it could just be Kuon in a state of shock.  *frustrated sigh* I’m really confused here.  Is anyone else as confused as I am?  *sigh*  Nevermind… >_<

Now, let’s get back to the current chapter. Of course, the chapter opens with that uber sweet scene from the previous chapter.  *fangirl squeals and sighs*  I ish melting… >///<  Yup.  Ren-sama does that to me… *ehem* Anyway, this chapter focuses mainly on Ren-sama’s thoughts.  Particularly, his thoughts on Kyoko-sama and his difficulty [?] of keeping his Kuon side in check. 

In the previous chapters, the president of LME told Ren that Kyoko is his omamori [protective charm yada yada…] and Ren, having a hard time suppressing his feelings, told the president he doesn’t need Kyoko.  [>_<]  In this chapter, he realizes that the president was right.  But he’s just being stubborn again.  He just keeps on insisting that Kyoko was there to make sure he doesn’t forget to eat.  ugh.  seriously.  I love Ren-sama bu he can be just tooooooo stupid sometimes.  *sigh*  oh well…

Anyway, the chapter really shows some insight into Ren-sama’s past.  And there’s this guy in the chapter who seems to be Kuon’s close friend?  I’m not really sure.  But it seems that he gave Kuon some advice.  I’m really wondering who this person is.  His face wasn’t shown but…. I think he kinda looks like Tsuruga Ren-sama….?  >_<  Yeah, yeah,  I’m speculating again.  But he does look like Ren-sama.  Of course it could just be the black hair and the fact that most of Yoshiki-sensei’s characters look alike…. but…  *shrugs*  I should stop now.  XD

The chapter ends with Ren-sama returning Kyoko’s call.  However, the next chapter’s gonna be out on the 20th of December.  *sigh* 私… 我慢できるか?*sigh* 

Skip Beat! 166

Posted: 06.11.2010 in manga
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[[This post contains spoilers. You’ve been warned.]]

omg omg omg omg omg OMG!!!!

Skip Beat’s 166th chapter is out~! And, darn it! I’m both happy and frustrated at the same time~! lawl

Last chapter, we see Ren freezing in shock and some bits of his past. This time, we see a bit more of this.


One Piece 603

Posted: 03.11.2010 in manga
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New chapter of one piece is out!

*sigh* After two years of being under the radar, the strawhat crew is back to being pursued by everyone. >__<

The crew’s going to Fishman Island. And, of course, the place just had to be underwater. I wonder what would happen in the island… and on the journey towards that place. Half the crew have eaten Logia fruits and are pretty much vulnerable underwater.

Skip Beat! 165

Posted: 20.10.2010 in manga
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Okay. So I’ve just read Skip Beat’s 165th chapter.  And, darn it!  I am sooooooo worried.  What on earth’s gonna happen next?!

In chapter 163, we learn that Ren would be filming a dangerous scene involving a car chase.  And, in that chapter, we also saw how Princess Rosa’s clasp came off.  Princess Rosa is the gift Kyoko received from Ren on her birthday.  There were also talks of protection charms and such between Kyoko and Ren.  And there was also Ren thinking of Kyoko as his protection charm, or something like that.

In chapter 164, there was the shoot for the car chase began, and, damn  it.  A kid ran into the street while Dark Moon was filming the said car chase.  Of course, things happened.  An accident occurred.  And people are left hanging.

Now, it’s chapter 165. (more…)

One Piece 598

Posted: 01.10.2010 in manga
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Everyone, rejoice!  One Piece is back~!  yay~! After a huge time skip, the Straw hat pirates are getting back together on Saboady archipelago!

So, anyway, in this chapter we see the gang… changed… lawl  Brooke’s a rock star.  *laughs*  seriously.  I wonder what happened the last two years.  I do recall him being kidnapped to be sold somewhere.  And~ people faint at his concert!  *laughs*

Usopp seems to be a cool person now.  *laughs*  Not that I don’t like him before the time skip but he’s really~ promising.  Seems like he’s packing some serious arsenal.  Oh, and his apperance changed a bit.  I think that’s one of the factors that makes him much more cooler than two years ago.

Nami’s still the same, but she’s got longer hair.  And~ she could be much more helpful in fights now.  :3

Sanji seems to be the same.  He’s still chasing after women.  *laughs*  Poor Sanji… he did spend two years in an island populated by okami.  I thought that it’s either he turn into one of them or die due to the lack of women.  *laughs*  Still haven’t seen him in action though… I think he’d be greatly improved.  Oh, and he’s now sporting a stache but even hotter than ever~ :3

Zoro seems the same.  But I’ve only seen him in the chapter cover.  But I think he’d be even greater with his swords [oh lawl~] since he’s been trained by Hawk-eye.  I sooo~ can’t wait to see him again~ *gushes like the fangirl she is*

Oh, I’ve only caught a glimpse of Franky so I can’t say anything much about him.

Chopper looks the same as ever… but~ he’s only been seen in his normal form.  I wonder how he’ll be when he fights?  :3  *laughs*

Robin is still being chased after by people.  Hmm.. if I remember correctly, she was with Dragon’s group… right?  Maybe that’s why people have been following her.  Still, she looks cool as ever.  :3  I wonder what happened to her…

Of course, there’s Luffy.  Seems like he’s mastered his Haki… right?  He actually said that he learned all of what Rayleigh had to teach him in half a year.  😀  He’s really cool.  And still only thinks about food.  *laughs*  Oh. and Hancock is still in  love with him.  Of, but I think there’s been an improvement in their relationship, well.. if you can call it an improvement. :3  Hancock can now actually make a suggestion that she’d be a good wife.  And~ wait for it~  Luffy actually tells her he’s not gonna marry her.  *laughs*

And trouble’s definitely gonna start brewing.  There’s this group who are Straw hat  impostors and are recruiting people.  Nami and Usopp meet them in a bar and got into a scuffle with them.  Chopper also bumped into some of them: fake Zoro, fake Sanji, fake Robin, and fake Chopper.  The people looking for Robin actually think that the fake Robin’s the real one and abducts her.  Chopper actually thought that the fakes were real and, worrying about the fake Robin, runs after her.  Oh, and fake Luffy bumps into Luffy in the streets.  And he even had the gall to shout at Luffy!  *laughs*

Oh, and talk of the Straw hat crew recruiting members have been circulating around.  And the Marines have heard of this new.  Obviously, Luffy’s gang is still a threat despite going out of the radar for three years.  Will they return to Saboady archipelago and cause trouble for Luffy and the gang?

Uwaaa~  I just can’t wait for the next chapter~!  Two years is a a long time and, of course, the gang’s been training for that two years.  I soooo~ wanna see them in action again~! :3

I started watching a new anime today.  Well, not exactly new.  I sorta watched it before but dropped it after a few episodes… because my internet connection that time was giving me problems.  *sigh*  Oh well… *laughs*

Earlier today, I started watching Nishi no Yoki Majo.  I know, it’s been around for a while.  And it doesn’t really seem to be the type of anime I usually go for but… *shrugs*  I mean, the title itself if the kind of title I usually avoid.  Admit it, the title of a series can also somehow affect one’s curiosity, right?  Anyway, I thought it’s going to be one of those things that I usually hate.  Like those overly shoujo anime with a very stereotypical shoujo female character in a very fantasy-like setting and having a lot~ of the guys fall for her.  *laughs*

So far, the main character, Firiel, seems okay.  She just happen to find out that she’s the daughter of a previous candidate for queen , then her father went missing, her childhood friend was marked [I think….?] as a heretic, found out that she had nobles for cousins, and was then sent to an all-girls school that teaches women to seduce men.  *laughs*  So far so good~ :3  I wonder how she’ll turn up in later episodes…?  Will she disappoint and become a boring character?  Maybe, maybe not.

Firiel, although the heroine of the story, is not really one of my faves.  As far as episode 5 is concerned, my fave characters would be Roux, Adel, and maybe Marie and Eusis…?  *laughs*

Roux would be my fave cause he’s just cute and he’s the type of guy I like.  Though he seems to be the typical smart guy with a horrible disposition but also treasures the person he loves so much, I just can’t help it.  Stereotype or not, he is cool.  Besides, Rumpelsti Ltskin?  Sooo~ cool~!  Oh, and he looks soooo~ pretty as a girl! *laughs*

Adel’s another of my fave ’cause she looks like a loli and yet she doesn’t seem that loli to me…. wait… huh?  *laughs*  doesn’t make sense, right?  *laughs*  Oh well, she just doesn’t seem to be what she is.  She looks weak but she was able to go through that wicked all-girls school that teaches women to seduce men… *laughs*  just had to say that~!  :3  Oh, and she writes BL!  Ha!

Marie didn’t have much screen time, but lately, she’s shown to transfer to Firiel’s school in order to watch over the cross-dressing Roux.  :3  What I like about her is that she’s…. straightforward I think.  *lols at first episode* :3

EusisXRoux?! :3 >///<

Oh, and Eusis.  Apparently, Adel’s BL story, which she wrote for two days straight, was inspired when she saw Roux and Eusis.  *laughs*  Anyway, I can actually see something for this pairing on the scene where he challenges Roux to a game of chess.  *laughs*  Oh, and yes.  The goodness that would come out from both of them is the only reason why I like him.  I’m not really that convinced on his character.  Anyway, Roux and Eusis could end up together but~, of course~ Roux is in love with Firiel.  Anyway, if Firiel were ever to disappear, Eusis would look nice with Roux.  Oh, but Lot is still there~.  He’s Eusis’ friend and he would make a great seme for Eusis.  oh wow… an unexpected triangle?  *laughs*

Anyway, that’s all there is for now.  Have to finish the entire series to realllly~ formulate my opinion of everything~! :3

Oh. and I also started a new manga today.  It’s called Tora to Ookami.  It’s about this girl, Mii, a fujoshi, who met two college guys, Tora and Ookami, in her family’s restaurant, Himawari.  Both guys are pretty.  Really.  And~ they seem to be much MUCH closer than being friends.  *laughs*

Tora’s fun.  He’s the light-haired guy in the pic.  He seems like an airhead and he can eat food for five people.  But appearances are really deceiving.  Despite that, he’s a genius when it comes to art.  In one of the chapters, Mii delivers food for Tora and was really surprised that he makes really awesome paintings.

Ookami’s the dark-haired guy.  He’s a bit of a grouch.  He’s the guy who brought [the passed-out-due-to-hunger] Tora in Mii’s restaurant.  At first, he was really rude to Mii but he seemed to tone it down a bit later on.  He’s still a big meanie, though.

I think the series is still new.  Only four chapters are scanlated.  So, it’s that or people just aren’t interested in translatingthis one.  *shrugs* Either way, I hope scanlation groups would really pick up this series.  It’s really funny and interesting.  Tora and Ookami are too close to each other that it’s a bit unbelievable they’re only friends.  However, they did deny the fact that they’re lovers after Mii let it slip that they didn’t need to be shy in front of her since she has books about such things.  *laughs*  Ah, but it’s also interesting if Mii would fall for one of them or if Tora and/or Ookami would fall for Mii.  Either way, I think Mii has a bit of feelings for both of them.  Particularly Tora, maybe?  *shrugs*

Oh, but chapter 4 proved to be interesting.  A new character appeared, one that’s also really~ good in art.  And~ she seems to be interested in Tora.  AND~ Tora seems to admire her as well..  Could it be…?  Is this Ookami’s rival?  *laugh*

Oh, and I love~ Mii’s grandma. She actually knows her BL stuff.  Apparently, she knows about Mii’s love for BL and might have even read her manga.  She actually said “they’re like the boys in the manga you love, Mii”.  *laughs*  And~ Mii actually started a novel using Tora and Ookami as the characters.  Like really REALLY BL stuff, though not that hardcore.  And, lawl, Mii’s grandma actually read them!  *laughs*