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Bungaku Shoujo Movie

Posted: 22.09.2010 in anime, movies
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I first learned of Bungaku Shoujo when I was searching the net for some new anime to watch since the anime I had in zuko were either something I had already finished watching or something unbearable that even I question myself for grabbing them from some anime site [read:].  Anyway, when I read the description/summary thingie, I just fell in love with the concept.

Bungaku Shoujo is about a guy, Inoue Konoha, who happened to see a girl, Amano Touko, eating a page from a book she’s reading.  When she noticed him, she introduced herself and decided that he join their school’s Literature Club.

The anime’s actually adapted from a light novel of the same title and also has a manga.  The OVA I watched was. I think, more of a prelude to the story since it focused mainly on Touko and when she read Konoha’s novel.  I really can’t say anything much about the story since I’ve only watched the OVAs and a few chapters of the manga.  But, darn.  They’re a bit different.  The OVAs where mostly focused on the light side of the story that when I finally read the manga, I was a bit surprised [in a good way~].  The manga’s more on the mystery/thriller [?] kind of thing.  Add in some psychological stuff from Konoha, mix in Touko’s strange condition, and voila~!  You’ve got something good.

Anyway, I just finished watching the movie a few moments ago and wow, just wow.  I love it so much I’m crying right now because it had such a bittersweet end.  But there were some parts I didn’t understand, more specifically, characters I don’t really know.  I think the movie was adapted from the later part of the books or something?  I’m not really sure.  But, anyway, it was nice because it explains why Konoha stopped being a writer and gave him a closure with the issues he faced before he met Touko.  But, damn it.  It’s also a bit frustrating because one never really knows what happens after with Konoha and Touko.  Though there is a bit of something after the credits, it’s just not enough! >_< [well, for me, that is.  i don’t know about other people…]

I love the movie as is.  But I also want more and I don’t think that the manga’s gonna cover my craving for Bungaku Shoujo.  I want to read the light novels…. all thirteen of them.  I’ve read somewhere that an English version of the novels have been released.  And, darn it, I want the whole set [if they’re already available…].  Unfortunately, I don’t think stores have them here.  It just sucks.  Oh god, why wasn’t I born Japanese and live in Japan, where these darn light novels are availabe?  *sighs*  But, if that was the case, I don’t think I’d be interested in these kind of stuff, either.  *sigh* oh well… ima look for fan-made translations online now….

PS: by the way, before watching the movie, i watched the final episode for kuroshitsuji II and i forgot about writing about it first.  *laughs*  that’s just how i was so into this movie.  *laughs*  oh, but it could also be the fact that kuroshitsuji kinda sucked for me despite having that really ‘painful’ ending which i kinda love in a lot of things… but that’s another story… *sigh*  oh well… *laughs*


The Expendables

Posted: 08.09.2010 in movies
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Last week was my birthday.  And, having nothing better to do, I went to watch a movie.  Among the movies currently playing in cinemas here, the only one that interested me was The Expendables.  With such a glittery cast and all, who wouldn’t be tempted to watch it?

However, as it turns out, I was sorely disappointed.  Yeah, it had some really funny dialog so it was nice.  The fight scenes just made me want to repeatedly say ‘so cool~’.  But, the plot was somewhat lacking, I didn’t get the point of some scenes, and it felt somewhat incomplete that at some point in the movie, I didn’t care about the story anymore and just sat there marveling at the stunts.  The end of the movie couldn’t come that quickly and it was regrettably forgettable.

It’s a bit sad that with a cast like that, the movie turned out to something like that.  It would have been better, though in what way I’m not so sure.  I guess the people who love an action flick would definitely go for this one and have a great time watching it.  As for me, all I can say is that the stunts were good.

That’s all.  Enefea out~. :3