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Noblesse ch 150

Posted: 13.09.2010 in manhwa
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Okay.  So I was wrong.  Apparently there’s been a HUGE upload on mangafox and the scans are already up to 150.

And, darn.  Everything is just so cool.  The manhwa’s starting a new arc, I think.  Just after the fight with the DA-5, new people from the union are once again around.  The new antagonists is a guy and a girl.  The guy’s actually cute. [*sigh* sorry, I forgot his name] He’s the type of bishie I like.  And, darn it!  He has glasses! :3 *laughs* Yup, I’m a megane freak. XD   The other one, the girl, is named Dr.  Airith [or something like that].  She’s a girl who wears lolita outfits, loves bishies, and SOOOO annoying.  I hate her.  She’s a bitch.  She thinks she’s so high and mighty!  I just hate her!

Anyway, they kidnapped Frank just because he was good-looking and the doctor’s type.  ugh.  Gives me the shiver.  I hate girls like her.    [yup. third time I said that.  but i just hate her].  Apparently the new guy and the doctor are quite powerful.  They fought with Frank, but, of course, Frank won.  The chapter ended with Rai, Takeo and M-21 happening on the scene with Frank trying to finish off the doctor.  And, wow, Takeo was just mad.

There’s been an issue with Takeo and his sister.  Apparently, the union is holding her captive in order to keep Takeo in line.  But, due to recent events, does that mean the doctor is Takeo’s sister?  But it appears that the doctor was the person who experimented/created the DA-5.  What on earth does that mean?  Is she the real sister?  I hope she isn’t because I like Takeo and I don’t want him involved with such a bitch.  I hope that it’s like according to the theory I read on the mangafox forums that she could have just done something to his brain that would make her think she’s his sister.  But if she really is then, then she’s seriously fucked up.  I hope she dies.  *laughs*


Noblesse ch 133

Posted: 13.09.2010 in manhwa
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A few months ago, I picked up a manhwa called Noblesse. It has a really cool story. It’s about vampires and such and has a lot of action and comedy in it. The story starts with a vampire waking up in an unknown place. He’s been asleep for a couple of hundred years and found himself in modern day Korea. What’s really funny is that he doesn’t speak that much which leads to a lot of misunderstandings. For example, after he woke up, he wandered around the city and just copied what everyone was wearing. Turns out, the people he saw were students. He just followed them and ended being in school and, since he can’t speak Korean [though he can mostly understand what people are saying despite the language], he was assumed to be a transfer student and was sent to the principal’s office. And thus began Rai’s life as a high school student.

The story’s really cool. So far, a lot of things has happened. There are a lot of bishies in this series. Rai is just my absolute~ fave, followed by M-21, Regis, Takeo, and Tao. Yup~ soooo~ much bishies!

The latest scanlated chapter is 133 and man! It is just sooo~ cool. Rai’s really strong but it’s been a while since I saw him fight. And, darn it! Rai just appeared in 133 and he has the usual ‘I didn’t order you to move!’ kind of thing going for him again. He is just too cool! And so, I sooo~ desperately need the next chapter.

Well, I actually found raws but, well, it’s not like I understand Korean. With manga, it’s much easier. I know how to read them and, with the help of a dictionary, it’s pretty easy to get the gist of what’s happening. *sigh* I’ve wanted to learn Korean before, but I didn’t had the time since I had Japanese as a major language back when I was still in Linguistics. Still, I think I should have taken the subject. *sigh* Oh well, here’s to me waiting for the next one.