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Skip Beat 167

Posted: 10.12.2010 in manga
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Oookay.  So, the 167th chapter of Skip Beat! is finally out.  Well, it’s been out for a few days.  So, I think people have already read it or something.  XD

During the *uber* long time between the 166th and 167th chapter, I’ve reread the whole series.  And it seems that there were a few things I’ve got wrong in some of my earlier posts.

Apparently, Rick was hit by Tsuruga-sama’s… erm… Kuon’s car.  {lawl, I know.  they’re the same person but… *shrugs*  I’m just being crazy~ forgive me, ne~.}  So, Rick was run over by Kuon.  I’m not really sure what lead to such circumstances.  But it’s never been stated in the manga.  And then,  I’m not really sure of Rick was really a friend of Kuon.  I simply assumed he was a friend.  But what if he was just some random stranger Kuon had the misfortune of nearly running over?  Well, he seemed to think of Rick {whoever this guy is…} in a very familiar manner.   But, now that I think about it… it could just be Kuon in a state of shock.  *frustrated sigh* I’m really confused here.  Is anyone else as confused as I am?  *sigh*  Nevermind… >_<

Now, let’s get back to the current chapter. Of course, the chapter opens with that uber sweet scene from the previous chapter.  *fangirl squeals and sighs*  I ish melting… >///<  Yup.  Ren-sama does that to me… *ehem* Anyway, this chapter focuses mainly on Ren-sama’s thoughts.  Particularly, his thoughts on Kyoko-sama and his difficulty [?] of keeping his Kuon side in check. 

In the previous chapters, the president of LME told Ren that Kyoko is his omamori [protective charm yada yada…] and Ren, having a hard time suppressing his feelings, told the president he doesn’t need Kyoko.  [>_<]  In this chapter, he realizes that the president was right.  But he’s just being stubborn again.  He just keeps on insisting that Kyoko was there to make sure he doesn’t forget to eat.  ugh.  seriously.  I love Ren-sama bu he can be just tooooooo stupid sometimes.  *sigh*  oh well…

Anyway, the chapter really shows some insight into Ren-sama’s past.  And there’s this guy in the chapter who seems to be Kuon’s close friend?  I’m not really sure.  But it seems that he gave Kuon some advice.  I’m really wondering who this person is.  His face wasn’t shown but…. I think he kinda looks like Tsuruga Ren-sama….?  >_<  Yeah, yeah,  I’m speculating again.  But he does look like Ren-sama.  Of course it could just be the black hair and the fact that most of Yoshiki-sensei’s characters look alike…. but…  *shrugs*  I should stop now.  XD

The chapter ends with Ren-sama returning Kyoko’s call.  However, the next chapter’s gonna be out on the 20th of December.  *sigh* 私… 我慢できるか?*sigh*