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Skip Beat 169

Posted: 09.01.2011 in manga
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Hello, world~! It’s been a while. *laughs* The Christmas holidays passed too quickly, and before I knew it, it’s once again the start of school. ugh…. I haven’t been able to do anything during the holidays… just watched House and read some books I had on Zuko. I wasn’t even able to catch up to the latest episodes of some of the fall anime I had been watching. *sighs* I really need to burn some stuff and get them off Zuko. >_<

Anyway, the 169th chapter of Skip Beat’s out. You can find it here. 😀 And, damn. It’s a really cute chapter.

Apparently, I’m wrong again regarding this Rick person we’ve been hearing about in previous chapters. Rick was a friend of Tsuruga-san. And, seriously, I think he’s really weird. *laughs*

We really get to see Ren as Kuon in this chapter. And I think it’s the Kuon that Kyoko knows as Corn. *sigh* He looks sooooo~ adorable and all. But, damn! I think this Kuon already has his fair share of women. *laughs* But it’s cute how he’s depressed that a girl left him. 😀

Half the chapter’s a flashback. And the other half is such a sweet and cute moment between Kyoko and Ren. It really makes my heart wish for more to happen between them. *sigh*

Kyoko really worries for Ren. And Ren is finally accepting the LME President’s word about Kyoko being a powerful protective charm. *sigh* I don’t think Ren would tell Kyoko to stop hanging around him while being BJ. Thank god! I was worried for a while there. :3

Anyway, Kyoko’s gonna ‘spread her magic’ on him and give him a charm of sorts. And with Kyoko’s ‘shall we stay and face it together?’… *sigh* I think I’m melting. >///<

Too bad, the next chapter’s coming out on the 5th of February. Ugh. I wanna know what happens next…. T^T