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I started watching a new anime today.  Well, not exactly new.  I sorta watched it before but dropped it after a few episodes… because my internet connection that time was giving me problems.  *sigh*  Oh well… *laughs*

Earlier today, I started watching Nishi no Yoki Majo.  I know, it’s been around for a while.  And it doesn’t really seem to be the type of anime I usually go for but… *shrugs*  I mean, the title itself if the kind of title I usually avoid.  Admit it, the title of a series can also somehow affect one’s curiosity, right?  Anyway, I thought it’s going to be one of those things that I usually hate.  Like those overly shoujo anime with a very stereotypical shoujo female character in a very fantasy-like setting and having a lot~ of the guys fall for her.  *laughs*

So far, the main character, Firiel, seems okay.  She just happen to find out that she’s the daughter of a previous candidate for queen , then her father went missing, her childhood friend was marked [I think….?] as a heretic, found out that she had nobles for cousins, and was then sent to an all-girls school that teaches women to seduce men.  *laughs*  So far so good~ :3  I wonder how she’ll turn up in later episodes…?  Will she disappoint and become a boring character?  Maybe, maybe not.

Firiel, although the heroine of the story, is not really one of my faves.  As far as episode 5 is concerned, my fave characters would be Roux, Adel, and maybe Marie and Eusis…?  *laughs*

Roux would be my fave cause he’s just cute and he’s the type of guy I like.  Though he seems to be the typical smart guy with a horrible disposition but also treasures the person he loves so much, I just can’t help it.  Stereotype or not, he is cool.  Besides, Rumpelsti Ltskin?  Sooo~ cool~!  Oh, and he looks soooo~ pretty as a girl! *laughs*

Adel’s another of my fave ’cause she looks like a loli and yet she doesn’t seem that loli to me…. wait… huh?  *laughs*  doesn’t make sense, right?  *laughs*  Oh well, she just doesn’t seem to be what she is.  She looks weak but she was able to go through that wicked all-girls school that teaches women to seduce men… *laughs*  just had to say that~!  :3  Oh, and she writes BL!  Ha!

Marie didn’t have much screen time, but lately, she’s shown to transfer to Firiel’s school in order to watch over the cross-dressing Roux.  :3  What I like about her is that she’s…. straightforward I think.  *lols at first episode* :3

EusisXRoux?! :3 >///<

Oh, and Eusis.  Apparently, Adel’s BL story, which she wrote for two days straight, was inspired when she saw Roux and Eusis.  *laughs*  Anyway, I can actually see something for this pairing on the scene where he challenges Roux to a game of chess.  *laughs*  Oh, and yes.  The goodness that would come out from both of them is the only reason why I like him.  I’m not really that convinced on his character.  Anyway, Roux and Eusis could end up together but~, of course~ Roux is in love with Firiel.  Anyway, if Firiel were ever to disappear, Eusis would look nice with Roux.  Oh, but Lot is still there~.  He’s Eusis’ friend and he would make a great seme for Eusis.  oh wow… an unexpected triangle?  *laughs*

Anyway, that’s all there is for now.  Have to finish the entire series to realllly~ formulate my opinion of everything~! :3

Oh. and I also started a new manga today.  It’s called Tora to Ookami.  It’s about this girl, Mii, a fujoshi, who met two college guys, Tora and Ookami, in her family’s restaurant, Himawari.  Both guys are pretty.  Really.  And~ they seem to be much MUCH closer than being friends.  *laughs*

Tora’s fun.  He’s the light-haired guy in the pic.  He seems like an airhead and he can eat food for five people.  But appearances are really deceiving.  Despite that, he’s a genius when it comes to art.  In one of the chapters, Mii delivers food for Tora and was really surprised that he makes really awesome paintings.

Ookami’s the dark-haired guy.  He’s a bit of a grouch.  He’s the guy who brought [the passed-out-due-to-hunger] Tora in Mii’s restaurant.  At first, he was really rude to Mii but he seemed to tone it down a bit later on.  He’s still a big meanie, though.

I think the series is still new.  Only four chapters are scanlated.  So, it’s that or people just aren’t interested in translatingthis one.  *shrugs* Either way, I hope scanlation groups would really pick up this series.  It’s really funny and interesting.  Tora and Ookami are too close to each other that it’s a bit unbelievable they’re only friends.  However, they did deny the fact that they’re lovers after Mii let it slip that they didn’t need to be shy in front of her since she has books about such things.  *laughs*  Ah, but it’s also interesting if Mii would fall for one of them or if Tora and/or Ookami would fall for Mii.  Either way, I think Mii has a bit of feelings for both of them.  Particularly Tora, maybe?  *shrugs*

Oh, but chapter 4 proved to be interesting.  A new character appeared, one that’s also really~ good in art.  And~ she seems to be interested in Tora.  AND~ Tora seems to admire her as well..  Could it be…?  Is this Ookami’s rival?  *laugh*

Oh, and I love~ Mii’s grandma. She actually knows her BL stuff.  Apparently, she knows about Mii’s love for BL and might have even read her manga.  She actually said “they’re like the boys in the manga you love, Mii”.  *laughs*  And~ Mii actually started a novel using Tora and Ookami as the characters.  Like really REALLY BL stuff, though not that hardcore.  And, lawl, Mii’s grandma actually read them!  *laughs*